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Whole Testpaper SSCET, Bhilai - 13 March 2007 by Infosys

Details of Whole Testpaper SSCET, Bhilai - 13 March 2007 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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First of all BE CONFIDENT of urself.

The day(13 march 07) comprised of:

1.Pre-placement talk(9 am)
2.Form filling(11 am)
3.Written test(12 pm)
4.Written results(around 4 pm)
4.HR interview.(5 pm)
5.Final Results(around 10 pm)

Regarding Written test (started around12pm)it comprised of

1.Aptitude test
2.English test

In aptitude test we hd 30 ques wid 40 min time. It had questions like:

1). there r 5 children. they go 2 buy choclates.... then two of them buy at same at same price n others at other price bt the two boys hd more choclates than other 3. bt there price was less. n some more data. then there were ques like
a>.wat was d no. of chocos those two boyz hd
b>watwas the price of those chocos
c>etc d>etc e>etc

2).Finding odd figure out(5 easy ques)(Totally R.S.Aggarwal, non verbal)

3).5 questions 4m Data sufficiency(R.S.Aggarwal) like they hd a question n two succeeding sentences n u hd 2 choose which of them goes as the solution of dat quesn like
a>.if opttion1 is d only ans
b>.if opt 2 is correct
c>.if either of them is correct
d>.if both r wrong
e>.if both r correct

4).5 questions 4m an easy  DI pie chart(R.S.Aggarwal)

5).5 ques 4m an irritating long puzle(table making kind of 4m R.S.Aggarwal) like there were 5 students 4m 5 cities at 5 different coaching classes then they give exams at 5 centers n get selected at 5 cities. then u hv 2 find who,s 4m which city,coaching, who came 1st, n which city he got admission etc etc

6).I cant recall them now(5 ques)

Then there was (40 ques - 35 min) english test. it had

1).2 very long n irritating RC passages
2).Ques like correct the underlined part of sentence 4m the options.
3).small passages n just there conclusions
4).etc etc

then finally out of approx 500-600 students 71 were selected 4 interview including me. 

Then we had HR interview(just be confident n consistent of what u say) where i faced questions like:

1. What is innovation?

2. How innovative r u?

3. how wud ur innovativeness help our company?

4. few gk ques like currencies of different countries n GDP of india etc

5. 2 puzzles like
a>measuring 4 litres wid 5 litre, 3 litre, 20 litre containers
    b>solving a series   both were pretty easy

6. how good r u at teamwork n how?

7.Regarding hobbies?

8. some more HR ques like y do u want 2 join INFY  etc etc