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Latest Paper January,07. by Infosys

Details of Latest Paper January,07. by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Category (Placement Paper or Interview Experience): Placement Paper
Date Conducted: 4 Jan 2007

I had went through Infosys paper last month i.e. in January,07. I was already aware that Infosys have changed there pattern and now they stress alot on English and verbal. Not that it bothered me much because there is NO way you can improve your verbal in a day or two.

Anyway so the first part was of English. It had very simple questions like adding articles a/an/the in the blanks. Than there were a passage of 25 lines with 5 questions on it. There wer two such passages(one was on "bananas" and I don,t remember the other one). I will advice you to first read the questions of the passage and than start reading the passage. Also be careful as you don,t want to waste your time in such questions. There were few more verbal questions related to closest word among the given words as well as most suitable word which fits into the given statement.

For example if the statemet is - India lost yesterday because kumble didn,t ________ well
a. Bat
b. Batted
c. Batting
d. score

So the answer is (b). This is just an example, the actualy questions were a little difficult as compare to this one. The aptitude questions were typical infosys questions but now it seems they have started putting more emphasis on Visual questions. For example -

They will give you 4 figures and will ask you which can be next figure in the series. There were 5 such questions. Another new kind of questions were when they gave you some data and some conclusions and than they asked questions on them.

One of the question was - Sunil Gavaskar was asked to judge Sachin, Rahul, Kambli,Ravi Shastri. Now one of them straight drives well so one of them cuts well. One of thenm pulls well and other one plays cover drive. Oh by the way, don,t assume blindly that if there is one player who plays straight drive well than it will be Sachin. The questions were to check your logical skills not your cricket skills :=p

There was one more question of the same type. The time was limited and I will highly advice you to NOT to stuck anywhere. If you don,t know anything than just move on