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Infy 22 April 2008 Joint Campus At U.I.E.T. Kanpur by Infosys

Details of Infy 22 April 2008 Joint Campus At U.I.E.T. Kanpur by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Infy 22 april 2008 joint campus at u.i.e.t.kanpur

Total appeared for written : 270(approx)
Total selected for HR: 73(55 from our college)
Total selected finally from our college:36
Reasoning -->30 ques in 40 min
verbal -->40 ques in 35 min

Reasoning paper:

(1)puzzle :it was very easy 5 ques related to this
a,b,c have 120,80,40 Rs. respectively.The person who
has highest money gives money equal to half of the difference
b/w him and other person amt.and gae ends when difference b/w
amt of any two is less than 5.for example;
a(120)---dont gv ur intro,tell about your qualities,skills etc. with good examples.

(2)HR,s r very friendly,but u dont be too friendly .just keep a smile on ur face
to hide ur tension.

(3)Just keep cool,he might ask 1 or 2 easy puzzles to check presence of mind.

(4) Keep full knowledge of your resumespecially hobbies.
Rest u must have read in other papers blah blah ,i hate this blah.
Atlast: about me ,my interview was dynamic,i impressed the hr very much ,but he was just
pretending to be impressed and i came to know about this when the results were declared.
I was not selected may be due to age ,year gap factor or because i did not had any
certificates of extra curriculars in my folder.So, i was disheartened. But,now i m back
to work.

Hope,My paper helps you. hope u all have good luck.not a bad one like me.
And for IT companies selections i want to say: "every dog has his day"
I did not found such detailed paper any where.