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- Sumit Acharya Candidate Experience And Placement Paper - Infy On 2nd June ,08 by Infosys

Details of - Sumit Acharya Candidate Experience And Placement Paper - Infy On 2nd June ,08 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Hi All,

I got thru to Infy on 2nd June ,08 at a campus recruitment program in my college SASTRA,


They have 2 rounds -
-- Logical and Verbal written exam (75 min)
-- HR Interview

The pre-placement talk of theirs was very interesting. I think all should attend that.

They told us during this that they don,t care about our technical knowledge, as once we

become an Infoscion, it,s their headache to put in the techincal stuffs into our heads.

They just want the candidates to have a strong hold on English and in logical thinking.

Logical paper had 30 questions and was for 40mins... The questions were

-- 5 simple pictorial series completion
-- 2 simple straightforward Data Interpretation
-- Simple puzzles like "3friends- one doc, one teacher, one engineer. 3 wives-sita,

gita,rita.Simple clues would be given.easily one can draw a table and then answer 5

simple questions
-- Data sufficiency, again quite easy
-- Logical Deductions

Verbal paper had 30 questions and was for 30mins...

-- 2 huge comprehensions with 5 questions... I left it for the end.. but the questions were

very straightforward. Though it,s a wrong practice, i was able to get the right answers

by just looking for the root words of the questions in the paragraph.
-- Sentnce Correction was little tough. 5 sentnces were given. the errors were in

to/in/for/had been etc but the sentnces were very long. So in order to catch the

mistake, one had to read all the five entirely again and again. But if very good in

English, it,s quite easy. Get ur grammer basics right ny studying Wren and MArtin. GRE

books like Baron,s etc are not at all useful for Infy Paper.
-- Replace a phrase. A sentnce would be given. A phrase would be underlined, replace it

with one of the options.
-- Fill in the blank with the appropriate word from the options... Pretty Easy...

HR interview was just a formality as they would have rejected maximum in the Written round.

From the figures after the written test, Infy,s rejection rate is very low. They usually

select upto 90% out of those who have cleared Apti.

Some of the HR interviewers asked my frinds to sing a song, or to say some poem, one chatted

about FIFA, the other about the IPL Finals. They just wanted to check out one,s spoken

english. Thats it.

From my college, 1300 sat for Apti, 84 cleared, ad finally 71 got placed in Infy.