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Aptitude - English M.M.E.C,Mullana - 14 January 2011 by Infosys

Details of Aptitude - English M.M.E.C,Mullana - 14 January 2011 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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It was held in Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Mullana. Four colleges were there: MMEC, Rayat, BabaBanda Bahadur and One More.

In all about 1500 students appeared and nearly 300 students were selected. and 156 was from Our College.

The procedure was simple. Only aptitude and HR.


The aptitude test started at 11:30 am.

At first, reasoning question paper was given. it had 30 questions to be done in 40 minutes. It was all reasoning. Just 1 or 2 questions of quants were there.

First five questions were on Odd Figure Selection. they were very easy(practice them from R.S Aggarwall).

Next it was a Quesion regarding n/w of nodes and there were some question regarding finding of shortest path b/w different nodes
Next there were 5 questions on data sufficiency. they were also easy.
Again it was a puzzle.It was very -very easy.
Next again there were six questions of syllogism. four were very easy two are average bcoz they contain negative statement.

Reasoning is very -very easy . Just practice from R.S Aggarwal Verbal & Non Verbal reasoning. You need not to practice Quant for Infosys Paper. just Practice From R.S Aggarwal Verbal & Non Verbal reasoning.


After reasoning english paper was given. it had 40 questions to be done in 35 minutes.

It was little bit tough.
It had questions based on

finding errors (very easy Refer Hari Mohan Prashad for 90 rules to find error and its enough)
sentence completion ( very easy Refer Hari Mohan Prashad) .
Two unseen passages (Difficult. My Suggestion to u is to read english newspaper daily then u will be able to conclude passages)
Inference Question(Difficult. Again my suggestion to u is to read english newspaper daily then u will be able to conclude such questions)

The english paper was balanced one. Not so tough not even easy. The aptitude test was over at 12:45 pm. Then the results for our college were declared at 5:30 pm. And I was one among those who cleared aptitude test.

HR Interview

The interviews started at 11:30 pm in the Night. I wait for 10 hour nearly and my interview strated at 11 pm. At my turn, I went inside the room. Interviewer was a Old man. he asked me to sit down. I thanked him.

Then he asked for resume. I gave him. then looking my percentage he said" How u manage such high percentage"
To which I replied.
Then he asked about the my schooling, city.

He asked how u manage ur time.

why inf should select u.

Then he said "interview is over. u want to ask any question." interview lasted for only 5-6 minutes.

It was 2:00 AM in the night and we all were desperately waiting for the results in seminar hall and Result was announced and i was one of them.
156 students were selected from our college. So guys I hope this will help you a lot.

One thing i want to tell u again

Prepare only from R.S Aggarwal Verbal & Non Verbal reasoning and Hari Mohan Prashad.(its enough)

CAT material is more than enough.
Students having good communication skills have advantage.
The criterion was 65% in btech and 60 % in X and XII.
Good %age is important for infosys.
So Guys going Mysore.
See you there.