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Infosys A.V.I.T Chennai - 13 September 2011 by Infosys

Details of Infosys A.V.I.T Chennai - 13 September 2011 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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I from AVIT college from chennai...we had infosys test on 13th of september.....I was very tensed by seeing the such a big crowd...The Pre-placement talk started at 8.30am in the morning....After that we had went to the exam room....then they have given us the form in which we have to fill all our basic thing.

Finally at 10am the exam started......At first they hav given us reasoning paper...and after that english paper...
1)Reasoniong paper(30 ques,40 min)
2)English(40,30 min)

The reasoning paper was little bit consist of
1)5 ques from series(Figure one).very easy...start with these ques will take very less time....
2)5 ques from syllogism....
3)5 ques from data suffiency
4) 5ques from data intepretation (do it at last...)..
5) 10 ques from puzzle

For all the ques refer from R.S.Aggarwal Verbal and non verbal reasoning book is more than enough..
For data interpretation do pie,line,and bar chart..for this refer from R.S.Aggarwal quantitative book.

English paper was little bit tough...but if u hav some knowledge of grammar than you can do it..
Paper consits of
1)10 ques from R.C(do not start with it..because it take lot of time )
2)10 ques from sentence correction...(very easy)
3)10 ques from fill in the blanks.(start with these only)
4)10ques from theme detection

600 student appeared for the written exam.....only 230 cleared that round...
Our exam was over at 11.45am....and they announced the result at 2.30pm..
Now it was turn for the HR interview
there were 8 pannel
my pannel was very good..she was a lady....
My interview started at 6.30pm.
ME: may i come in mam.?
HR: yes
HR:how are you?
HR:you are from IT stream...tell me what is the difference between IT and CSE
HR:why u hav taken IT.?
HR:tell me about ur project
HR:hav u presented any paper
HR:hav u taken any semminar.
after that mam had asked many question form my resume..
one thing i want 2 tell u that in interview time do not b confident(the most important)..,and dont bluff the HR....
they will check only our communication skill and ur confident.....
from 230 student 160 cleared the HR around....luckly i was one of them...
thanx god 4 blessing me....BEST OF LUCK..