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General - Other NIET, NOIDA - 3 April 2007 by Infosys

Details of General - Other NIET, NOIDA - 3 April 2007 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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I am Priyesh Mishra student of CS 3rd yr BSACET, Mathura . I am glad to inform you that I placed in Infosys.

Reporting time was 8am but as usual ppt started at 10.30 for 1 hour. After ppt , test was started at 11.55. before  test there was a general form that will take 35 mins. There were round about 700 students appeared out of which 91 cleared for HR round and finally there was an unexpected result -- only 45 got selected(usually infy doesnt rejects that much in HR). test was over at 1.15 n result of written was announced at 4pm. Selected students r called on next day ie 4th April  for HR at 8am..


About written----------

REASONING 6 sections --- 30 ques --- 5 ques in each section --- 35 mins.


Section 1. Simple Puzzle
6 books economics, English, Sanskrit, bio, phys, chem. total pages of few books were given order English book is first place from bottom having pg 476 Something like that . Easy one.

Section 2.  Figure series 5qs. Bit tricky.R.S.Agr(sec 3) more than suff.


Section 3. Data Sufficiency 5qs. Very easy .R.S.Agr more than suff.


Section 4. Data Interpretation    2 figures line and chart graph of a coal industry. Attempt at last with open mind 2-3 right ans in this section wil make a grt difference


Section 5. Tough Puzzle time consuming complicated confusing.but dont make pure guesses try to extract answers.


Section 6. Very Easy Logic 5qs -- .R.S.Agr (Chapter LOGIC)more than suff.


After 5 min gap you  wil  get English paper

40 ques --- 30 mins --- DECIDING FACTOR

2passages, error rectification , substitution in sentences with correct option ..


About HR ( 35-40mins )

i was first one to my HR, male cool person but tried to pressurize me at initial stage.

HR- tell me abt urself

Me- told

Hr given me a situation that if u r a bank manager and a MLA forces u to do a illegal loan ,then wot would I do?

Me I wil not do it  and I wil report the incident to my seniors etc etc(show ur confidence bcoz HR definitely wil make cond more critical dont

alter ur ans at any cost)

Hr given me again a situation if u alone in house n it catches fire etc et

Here also dont alter ur ans .

Also  PREPARE curr affair, currencies, capitals,

General qs like ur strength n weakness with practical examples, why infy, why we hire u etc