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General - Other Medi-caps, Indore - 1 February 2008 by Infosys

Details of General - Other Medi-caps, Indore - 1 February 2008 by Infosys conducted by Infosys for job interview.
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Hey thr m priya from medi-caps indore m placed in INFOSYS. Or I shud say m an infoscion now..

I wanna thank all the people who posted their experiences n papers on freshers world. Guys it helped me a lot yaar thank u .. I wanna thank my parents, seniors n frens who were ma greatest support.

Infy came to our cllg on 1st feb 2008 . It ws an open campus placmnt drive n 4 other cllgs frm ma city also participated in it

Criteria ws 60,60 n 65%.. about 450 candidates gave written n only 60 were short listed for interview n by gods grace I ws among themcut-off ws not declared


As u all know paper comprised of  2 sections-

Logical reasoning. Verbal.

Logical reasoning.-

Thr wr 30 ques n we had 40 mins in our hand to solve them ques wr of same type mind it they wr not at all the repeated ones..



Thr wr 5 ques of each type

DI ws simple but as usual calc were lengthy dont solve it at starting its jus a time killer DS ws quit easy SYLLOGISM and PIC. SERIES wr also very easy.. solve them firstit took not more than 5 min to solve 10 que of these two typesPUZZLE ws quit tough I couldnt solve it.. jus marked the options whc I found the most suitable acc to wht I tried the ARRANGEMENT que ws also not easy but some how I managed to solve it. It took most of ma time


For this section I will suggest to practice topics of rs aggrawal verbal n non verabal.dont solve all the topics.. jus go thru DS, PUZZLE TEST, SERIES, SYLLOGISM, THEME DETECTION..thts it.. if u hv time u can also go thru other topicsfr DI refer rs aggrawal quanta



It ws the easiest section..

Thr wr 40 que whc wr to be completed in 35 min que wr simple..

2 big passages n 5 que based on each.. DONT read the whole para.. jus see the ques find a keyword search fr it in the para.. n ull find the ans.. one para ws tough n another ws a simple one.


Thr wr few ques on sentence completion(easy one), ques based on finding correct sentence(again very simple), small paras wr given n we had to choose logical conclusion frm it.. frens hell lot of concentration ws req to complete this section.

If u r frm English medium school n converse in english frequently then ull hv no prob. In this sectionif u r not good in English then start reading the editorial of ny English newspapern  fr grammer practice wren n martin.. ths it


Guys I dont think ny prior prep is req fr clearing the wriiten of infy.. the skills u developed in ur past will help u a lot fr verbal I dint prep. Even a single hour.

Jus try to enhance ur logical skills by solving puzzles of shankuntala devi.. they r not asked in the written but they ll help u a lot in enhancing ur logical thinking.. thts it

Its not very tough to clear the written as I ws told by many seniors jus hv faith in urself n on ur skills..Once u r clear thru ur wriiten thr r 90% chances of being an infoscion.After clearing written whc ws the greatest hurdle I went fr the HR intrvit ws on the same day....



In hr theyll jus check ur communication skills n confidence n ur personality I ws asked abt ma areas of interests, ma strenghths n weakness.. I ws asked to justify ma strengths by citing an example frm ma lifeat last he asked me to solve a puzzle. The puzzle ws-

Thr wr 4 people they had to cross the bridge in pair carrying a torch.. they took 2,3 12 n 17 mins resp. to cross the bridge whts the min time req by them to cross the bridge..

I ws able to solve it guys the purpose of askin puzzle is to check ur approach towards ny prob jus apply ur approach its not at all imp. To get the ans.


Dont ever try to be oversmart they r aged hr managers havin lots of experience. They hv the ability to judge u in couple of mins.. ... always wear a pleasant smile on ur face..


At around 9 pm results wr announced by an infy delegate n I ws among the 46 selected candidates frm ma cllg I dont know the selected fig of other cllgs