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JNTU Anantapur, A.P ,30 June 2007 by IBM

Details of JNTU Anantapur, A.P ,30 June 2007 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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3. GD

In WRTN Tst there r 3 sectoins first of all u need t fill ur Details name,address,mail id ,Percentages etc....Then tst
1.MATRICES( 15 Q,s - 13 mins- NO Negative)
in this a 5*5 matrix is given with some diff symbols as its elmnts like
| 3 ^ * ( )
| 9 % 7 j k
| % 9 7 ) (
| 7 9 ( 3 *
| 9 * k ) 7
Based on above Matrix there r 5 Q,s folowed ...each carries 1 mark no neg
EX: find the symbol starting from 2nd element of 2nd come down to 5th row move right until to reach last col and trace up to reach 3rd row from there move left 2 positions.
A) % B) 7 C) 9 D) * E) k
Ans is B.

like this V r given 3 matrices each with 5 Q,s very simple but the thing is V shud b very concious and do not get confused ....cut may be around 7-8

2. NUMBER SERIES(20 qs -4 mins-20 marks- negative 1/4)
simple but v shud b very quick....time is very very very imp 4this section frnds dont get confused really very simple section
and 1more thing is the invigilaor signals time 4 every 30 secs dont feel tensewth tht just go wth ur work..
EX: 17,18,19,34,35,19,20,___
EX: 22,21,34,33,45,____
EX: 40,41,41,42,42,42,44,44,____
once come out of test we cud come to know thevalue of Quote" TIME IS PRECIOUS"....

Nxt MATHEMATICAL REASONING(12 Qs-15 mins-12marks-negative 1/4)
This is aimed to test Mathematical skills. problems r little tough but thing is do not rush ...try to solve the problem tht u feel u can . cut off in our coll is 3 i think so do get dissappointed even u didint attempt good number...but try to solve atleast 5 qs. most of them r Aptitude qs ...from
ven diagrams
simple comppound interest
and all
go thru RS agarwal All models V cant sy tht they ll give a particular model so better to go thru all models

I dont think tht ther is sectional Cut-Off dont worry abt sec cut_offs bu t better to perform all sectinons well.

2.ESSAY WRITING.(15 mins_Max 250 words)
we r given 15 mins time and the topic is "LIFE IN CAMPUS"
Be extensive and try to explore with a Broader sense...they ll look at this at the time interview so try to avoid Grammar mistakes and abstuse words.

IN OUR COLL TOTAL 310 took test and 136 cleared WRITTEN
Evening we went for GD ..15 in a group and topics mostly general like our Group was given "NON-IT students opting for IT jobs is Good or not" and indian politics,