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General - Interview MIT,Ahmedabad - 16 March 2007 by IBM

Details of General - Interview MIT,Ahmedabad - 16 March 2007 by IBM conducted by IBM for job interview.
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Hi every body, I got selected in IBM on 16th march
 i want 2 share my exprience wit aptitude test started on 10.15am there where 4 section in that 1st foenglish;2nd for analytical abilities,then attention department;then last & 4th section was on computer basic knowladge.the test was easy &we are also provided with the eassy paper to write eassy on 1out of 10 topic in 500 words.then result displayed in 2 hr.

after cracking the apti we where suppose 2 attend interview

in interview

Sir,1stly saw my resum my all my % given in resum.
then ask me question that whet r ur qualities so that we should selectu in  IBM?
Then i replied as my self confidence,disipline!!
then they crosses lot on my of confidence
i replied them all time confidently
then they ask me abt my knowladge abt C,C++
but i truely told them that im not perfect in c&c++
then they ask me abt me extra activities other than studies
then replied them con fidently my ans then they told me 2 explain my paper presented in pune
i explain all things to them
then they ask me abt my family background & all the common things????

at last mw interview come 2 end in 20min i was little confident abt my selection & same thing happen I GOT SELECTED

just i wan 2 tell u that be confident at time of interview in IBM give all correct information to the sir taking interview u will select in IBM.
they are there 2 select u nt 2 reject